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Dimitar Stoev

Software Developer


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I know That Good Apps
means Good Business

Software Development

Software Development

Looking for custom software solutions? I'm a skilled software developer offering development, consulting, and ongoing support for businesses. From simple websites to complex applications, I can help you streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth. Contact me to discuss your project and see how I can help you succeed.



Welcome to my podcast Techtivity Club. I share my views about privacy, security and anonymity in the digital world. Follow along on my journey and my mission to dive into the cyber security and hacking world!

Social activity

Social activity

I'm passionate about giving back and making a positive impact in my community. Through my volunteering efforts, I've had the opportunity to work with various organizations and causes, and have seen firsthand the transformative power of helping others. Join me in making a difference and giving back to those in need.



Welcome to my blog about IT entrepreneurship and personal development! As someone who has been fortunate enough to have some success in the tech industry, I share my insights and experiences on topics such as starting and growing a tech business, personal growth, and overcoming challenges as an entrepreneur. I also provide tutorials and practical tips on various aspects of the tech industry. Follow my blog for valuable insights and information on IT entrepreneurship and personal development.

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My personal project

The ultimate Astrophotography and space art platform

Artiscape Boutique

Monetize & Store Your Astrophotography and Space Art

Join the Space Creative App and Turn Your Passion into Profit

Express your cosmic identity on your Personal Profile Page. Showcase your astrophotography portfolio, share your creative journey, and connect with space enthusiasts. Customize your page to reflect your unique style and passions, making it a destination for the astrophotography community to discover your stellar talents.

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